Get support where you need it most!
Get support.
Order your space.
Make it great.
Feel good!
Get help to declutter any space:
  • your home - or just one room
  • ​your office
  • the home of a relative
  • ​garden sheds and garages.
Together we can get rid of stuff you don't need and find a system that works for you!
Feeling so overwhelmed
"I was feeling so overwhelmed. Debbie was a total star! She brought the support and energy I needed and together we sorted through loads of stuff. She gave great ideas and even took away the things I no longer wanted. I feel great! And my home is feeling so lovely now." 
– Amber
Help where you need it most
Sorting a home 
Papers and files in a mess? 
Drawers crammed full? 
I can help you organise and straighten things up so that your space is productive and ordered to work in again. 
We can introduce easy to manage systems to help keep things sorted. 
Tackling chaotic cupboards
Wardrobes full to overflowing, and drawers driving you mad?
Disorganised kitchen cupboards? 
I can help gather, clean out and straighten them up. 
We can work on a single set of drawers or bring order to a whole room.  
Moving house?
Preparing for a move? 
Helping an older relative sort through belongings? 
Feeling daunted? 
We can start together. 
I can help walk you through how best to approach your challenge in manageable steps. 
Bring more order to any room.
Toys | Papers | Tools | Clothes | Files | Stationery | Anything!
Home Office | Kitchen | Bedroom | Garage | Store Room | Attic
Conquer the set of drawers that's got out of hand.
How I work:
An initial visit
  • You show me the spaces you want to tackle – and tell me about what you want and what is not working for you.
  • I listen to your needs so that we can help you achieve the order you want.
Work sessions
With my support you can get over any inertia and make progress in the areas you want to tackle. Together we:
  • Focus on areas you would most like sorted. 
  • Chat through what to keep, what to toss and what to pass on.
  • ​Develop workable systems for your specific situation.
I can help with:
  • decisions around sentimental items
  • finding creative solutions for your belongings
  • ​providing momentum and ideas on how to get rid of stuff: including where to go for shredding, recycling, furniture removal and donating to charity.
  • You get in touch with me - let me know what kind of help you're looking for.
  • ​We meet up at your home (or office) for a free one hour consultation. We chat through your situation.
  • ​We decide on the project you want to tackle first and agree the time we'll set aside to get started.
  • ​We work together on your project. We review progress as we go to accomplish your goals.
  • ​On completion we decide if you would like to address other areas.
Payment is always in advance of each agreed piece of work.
Here is the second section where I want to show everyone that a lot of awesome people think that the book is really good!!!

Momentum really helps...You don't need to 'go it alone'... 

Use my support to get going, keep going or until the task is complete!
Getting a room – like an office – cleaned up, will not happen overnight. It requires commitment and focused time to claim back your space – especially if you have years of unfiled papers and clutter.

We can tackle big tasks together over a series of days or weekends, working towards "finding a home" for everything. 
By providing support, I help you get over that hump of starting the overwhelming project. If you're tight on cash, we can work on a phase 1 project and then you can continue the process. 
I can pop in at regular intervals for just an hour or two each time. This can help strengthen your momentum and we can work through tricky areas together.  

Need some help?

Facing a chaotic challenge?

​Got a question?

Wanting more organised spaces?

Wanting to sort your papers?
​You don't need to "go it alone".

Debbie Herholdt

Professional Organiser AND PAPER COACH
Spritely order-holic.
Fan of folk overcoming daunting tasks
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