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I’m Debbie. 
Professional Organiser based in Pretoria
I work alongside you in any area of your home or office that needs sorting. Together we reduce the chaos, so that you can enjoy more order and beauty.

I can help you create a Life Matters File of your essential and important documents. Order in life brings kindness in a crisis. 
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Make your Life Matters File
A way to bring order and store all your essential documents in one safe place.
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Decluttering help where you need it most
Beauty at home and work
I help people bring order to chaotic spaces and tackle overwhelming tasks:
  • ordering a home office
  • ​sorting chaotic cupboards
  • ​down-scaling or moving house
  • ​sorting out the home of a relative
  • ​packing up a deceased estate
Help with decluttering
"Debbie was so helpful with my office. She brought lightness and focus to something that was overwhelming to me. The supplies are ordered and my office is no longer filled to the brim. ​I have the systems and desire to keep this room in order. I just love the peace and relief I feel." 
– Ruthie
A Life Matters File for your important documents
For your peace of mind and kindness in a crisis
I support you to create a file with essential documents including:
  • information about your will
  • ​important certificates (birth, marriage, etc.)
  • ​investment information
  • ​...and more!
The Life Matters File helps you keep everything together in a structured, physical file.
This makes it easy for your loved ones when you die. It also makes things easy for you during your life! You will be able to find important documents when you need them.

The 30-Day Adulting 101 Challenge helps you get started on creating your Life Matters File.
Doing the Adulting 101 Challenge
"This is well thought through and do-able! I have simplified things and today when I look at my old file, I felt so happy to see how things have changed and how much simpler I live. I appreciate this Challenge and the benefits it brings" 
– Aletta
Take the next step today!
  • You get in touch with me - let me know what kind of help you're looking for.
  • For decluttering, we meet up at your home (or office) for a free one-hour consultation to chat through your situation and discuss costs.
  • To create a Life Matters File you can join the 30-day Adulting 101 Challenge.

You don't need to 'go it alone'... 

Use my support to get going, keep going or until the task is complete!

Need some help?

Facing a chaotic challenge?

​Got a question?

Wanting more organised spaces?

Wanting to sort your papers?
​You don't need to "go it alone".

Debbie Herholdt

Professional Organiser AND PAPER COACH
Spritely order-holic.
Fan of folk overcoming daunting tasks
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