Life Matters File 
An easy-to-access system for your most important documents
Be kind to your future self and to your loved ones.
The Life Matters File brings peace of mind.
My new Adulting 101 Challenge will guide you in a step-by-step manner to help you gather and populate your Life Matters File with your most important documents.

This brings more ease during difficult times – like death or a crisis. Make your documents easy to access.

Order in life brings kindness in a crisis.
"This is such a good idea, having it all in a proper accessible place... This course is vital and so helpful. 
 – Valerie
A Life Matters File, brings peace of mind
What is it?
  • A Life Matters File is a physical file for keeping all your important papers in one place.
  • It includes things like birth certificates, investment papers and insurance policies.
  • ​You can also create a digital version for yourself.
Why do I need one?
Help your loved ones
  • In the case of a crisis or a death it will be easiest for your loved ones to find your documents in a physical file.
It will also help you:
  • Be confident – find documents you need easily. Every time!
  • Be reassured – know you and your loved ones have easy access to these important documents.
  • Be empowered – know that you have taken care of all the most important documents, including your will.
"Appreciate this challenge so much because it means that I'm making time for things rather than just thinking about doing them." 
– Carol
How do I make a Life Matters File?
The quickest and easiest way to get started is with the 30-Day Adulting 101 Challenge.
Who is the Challenge for?
The 30-Day Adulting 101 Challenge is specifically designed to help: 
  • Busy people who hate doing paperwork, who have ignored it for far too long looking for a way to bring it under control.
  • ​Young adults starting out in life, looking for a hack to keep their most important documents organised before they start piling up.
When is the Challenge held?
The Challenge runs from the 1st Monday of the month for four weeks, with tasks assigned on week days, Mondays - Fridays. (Saturdays are free and Sundays are rest days) 
Where is the Challenge held?
The Challenge takes place on WhatsApp. Members are invited to join the Challenge WhatsApp group once they’ve registered. You will receive the daily messages, instructional videos and example documents via the group chat.
What is the price for the Challenge?
At the moment the Registration fee for participating in the Challenge is R290 per person for the entire month. 
What is the Time Commitment for doing the Challenge?  
The time commitment is 15 minutes a day, to watch the instructional video message and do the daily task from Mondays to Fridays. 
"I truly am grateful to be sorting this out now. Better doing it now then when we have a crisis.." 
– Esmari
Benefits of the Challenge include:​
  • Creating a plan of action for you
  • ​Helping you be more organised
  • ​Accomplishing something you've struggled to achieve before
  • ​Improving the state of your important documents​.
Are you up for the Challenge?
Use my support and the company of others to get going, keep going and start your Life Matters File!
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Debbie Herholdt

Professional Organiser AND PAPER COACH
Spritely order-holic.
Fan of folk overcoming daunting tasks
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